"Erika assists you engaging in a very powerful healing process. She exudes strength....groundedness.....but is at the same time so gentle. I feel safe. 

Each time we work I seem to " reset ", that is: relax, get realigned to something Good, calm down to the point of remembering myself.
This seems very esoteric as I read back, but it is my unique experience.
If you want concrete, physical results- yes!!- you will receive those too. After our work I have found my femur to hip to sacrum areas realigned and feeling better and my neck pain cease. Also feeling much calmer the following weeks.

I try to see her once a month to bump my self care up to "excellent" !!!
I would recommend her for help and support in physical or emotional issues. A++. This lady is a gem."

- T. Donovan, NYC

Remote HealingTestimonials

" Working with Erika remotely was every bit as restorative as our hands-on sessions, but the distance provided even easier access to the work's psychedelic offerings.  I still feel fundamentally transformed from one distance healing session nearly a month ago."

" Feeling loved and cleansed and calm - and definitely more grounded! "

" I really enjoyed our session. Erika's compassion is deep and full of insight and generosity. A sense of calm washed over me during our session and has continued."

"Experiencing a remote healing session with Erika allowed me to create space for myself. With her connection to my meditation, she helped me examine deeper truth about myself in a comfortable setting. It was lovely to be in my own space and knowing that I was fully supported"

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