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"Erika assists you engaging in a very powerful healing process. She exudes strength....groundedness.....but is at the same time so gentle. I feel safe. 

Each time we work I seem to " reset ", that is: relax, get realigned to something Good, calm down to the point of remembering myself.
This seems very esoteric as I read back, but it is my unique experience.
If you want concrete, physical results- yes!!- you will receive those too. After our work I have found my femur to hip to sacrum areas realigned and feeling better and my neck pain cease. Also feeling much calmer the following weeks.

I try to see her once a month to bump my self care up to "excellent" !!!
I would recommend her for help and support in physical or emotional issues. A++. This lady is a gem."

"Erika's empathetic powers are so strong that when she listens to you, it feels like touch, and when she touches you, it feels like listening. "

"I am blown away by how my meditation practice has grown in this short time. Erika has helped me to tune into my body in ways I’ve never done before. She is a powerful, gentle, and intuitive meditation coach."

Remote HealingTestimonials

" Working with Erika remotely was every bit as restorative as our hands-on sessions, but the distance provided even easier access to the work's psychedelic offerings.  I still feel fundamentally transformed from one distance healing session nearly a month ago."

" Feeling loved and cleansed and calm - and definitely more grounded! "

" I really enjoyed our session. Erika's compassion is deep and full of insight and generosity. A sense of calm washed over me during our session and has continued."

"Experiencing a remote healing session with Erika allowed me to create space for myself. With her connection to my meditation, she helped me examine deeper truth about myself in a comfortable setting. It was lovely to be in my own space and knowing that I was fully supported."

"As you know, I'm in the recovery side of Covid-19, this is my second day of my first week of recovery. Today, I had a wonderful moment working via zoom with Erika Lee Sengstack. Since I'm dealing with sickness related anxiety, I worked with Erika to help find tools to center myself and release the fear. I took a first step down a path towards healing today.


If you find yourself in need of meditative guidance and help with healing, I suggest you reach out to Erika and schedule a session. I'm so thankful I accepted help. It's hard for me to ask for help when I'm unwell-- admitting that publicly is hard. I'm trying something new. I needed help. Help was offered. I accepted. 


We don't have to do everything alone. 

Accountability and validation of how we feel emotionally and physically can help us on our way to improved health.

This illness is brutal and will tear you up. Don't let it. Lean on the strength of those around you willing to help, until you can stand on your own again.


Reach out in light. 

--And connect with Erika if you need guidance."

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