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” I came to Erika having never experienced CranioSacral Therapy and was immediately at ease given her comforting demeanor and casual yet professional guidance through our session together. I don’t believe anyone is suited to become a practitioner (…), but it is clear that Erika has a gift for this highly sensitive practice. “

” I was unsure of what to expect from my first CST session, but Erika’s warm and calming presence put me at ease. My session was relaxing and restorative, and I was able to release a lot of tension, much of which I didn’t even know I was hanging onto before I laid on the table. Erika has a true gift for healing. “

“Erika assists you engaging in a very powerful healing process. She exudes strength….groundedness…..but is at the same time so gentle. I feel safe. Each time we work I seem to ” reset “, that is: relax, get realigned to something Good, calm down to the point of remembering myself. This seems very esoteric as I read back, but it is my unique experience.
If you want concrete, physical results- yes!!- you will receive those too. After our work I have found my femur to hip to sacrum areas realigned and feeling better and my neck pain cease. Also feeling much calmer the following weeks. I try to see her once a month to bump my self care up to “excellent” !!!
I would recommend her for help and support in physical or emotional issues. A++. This lady is a gem.”

“Erika Lee is a truly gifted facilitator of healing. She expertly holds space for you to mine your own emotional baggage and release. Her subtle magic is awe inspiring and powerful.”

“Erika is a gifted healer and excellent educator. She is intuitive and powerful, but most important she listens to her clients and follows their needs above all. Erika is a champion of natural wellness and healing and is committed to this work in such a beautiful and authentic way!”