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Mission Statement

Mission: Empower people to live vibrant, healthy lives through mind, body, emotions and Spirit with the extraordinary mechanics of our body’s own on-board health care systems.

There is an ancient language, once spoken between One’s mind and One’s body. This language helped us to decode the ways were processing pain and trauma. Currently, our senses are bombarded by overwhelming stimuli, not to mention our increasing doses of physical/emotional trauma. That said, we still have the same tools we have always had that can serve instinctually to release blocked and painful energy.

Our body’s default position is one of healing: it is not plotting against us, nor does it stand down in our dis-ease. Rather, our inner healer is patiently awaiting our recognition so we can jump on the fast track to our Personal Self Care Healing Journey.

In my work, I aim to provide a safe space for letting go of unnecessary tension, whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual. My practice involves a multitude of healing modalities, namely CranioSacral Therapy and essential oils, which I use to facilitate your “Letting Go” process. What that looks like will depend largely on what you bring to the table (pun intended).

I invite you to message me with questions, or step into your Healing Journey by scheduling a session with me. Together we will re-open the dialogue between mind and body, entering into a new world of meaningful healing.


Happy Healing!