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About Erika

About Erika

“Hi, I’m Erika Lee and I specialize in CranioSacral Therapy,
SomatoEmotional Release,
Essential Oils and more.
I look forward to connecting with you.
Let’s play with letting go!”

Erika Lee Sengstack received her advanced training certification in CranioSacral Therapy in May, 2018. In addition to CST, Erika’s training with Dr. Ron Wish and the Great River CranioSacral Therapy Institute includes SomatoEmotional Release, Guided Imagery, and Energy Cyst Release. Erika has 10 years of one on one and group training in the Alexander Technique (including 3 years in an MFA setting), she is a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA (offering essential oil education and natural wellness solutions), she has a certification in the AromaTouch Technique and has taken additional CST training courses in Guatemala and NYC. Erika is empathic and intuitive, having spent 15 years studying theatre, movement, dance, yoga, meditation, mindfulness and personal development. Her mission is to empower people to live vibrant, healthy lives through mind, body, emotions and Spirit with the extraordinary mechanics of our body’s own on-board health care systems. She aims to provide a safe space for you and your Inner Healer to let go of what is no longer serving you, to meet your edge with trust and desire, to move through your discomfort and welcome peace and abundance into your life.

Erika also teaches a free bi-monthly essential oil education class and co-hosts a series of ongoing workshops entitled Psychedelic Submergence, wherein she joins the acclaimed Jonathan Stancato to provide an immersive healing experience involving Breathtripping, energy work, sound healing, essential oils, tarot readings and more.

Erika has a BFA and MFA in Acting from the University of California, Santa Barbara and The New School for Drama in NYC, respectively. She is a teaching artist, having worked extensively with incarcerated playwrights, the elderly, Alzheimer’s patients and youth of all ages.

Erika continues to work as a professional actor alongside her career in the healing arts (www.erikalee.actor).

“I believe you have an Inner Healer.
My unique blend of healing modalities will generate a variety of results
based on the Journey your Inner Healer is prepared to embark upon.
My only “ask” is that you bring
curiosity, desire
and the will to grow into our sessions.”