About Erika

About Erika

"Hi, I'm Erika Lee and I specialize in CranioSacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release, Essential Oils and more. I look forward to connecting with you. Let's play with letting go!"

Erika received her advanced training certification in CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release from the Great River CranioSacral Institute with Dr. Ron Wish in Nyack, NY (May, 2018).  She has 10 years of intensive 1-1 and group training in the Alexander Technique, will soon receive a certification is the Aromatouch Technique and has dreams of becoming a professional Cuddler.

Erika is a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA Essential Oils, one of the largest and most widely respected essential oil producers in the world. She offers ongoing essential oil education, empowering a team of customers across the country to utilize natural solutions. She believes everyone can benefit from introducing oils into their daily lives, whether to replace toxic chemicals, establish a preventative healthcare routine, cultivate self care rituals or incorporate them into a business. 

Erika also co-hosts a series of ongoing workshops entitled Psychedelic Submergence, wherein she joins the incredible Jonathan Stancato to provide an immersive healing experience involving Breathtripping, energy work, sound healing, essential oils, tarot readings and more.

Erika has a BFA and MFA in Acting from the University of California, Santa Barbara and The New School for Drama in NYC, respectively. She has performed throughout the country and continues to pursue acting adjacent to her career as a healer and educator.

“I believe you have an Inner Healer. My unique blend of healing modalities will generate a variety of results based on the Journey your Inner Healer is prepared to embark upon. My only “ask” is that you bring curiosity, desire and the will to grow into our sessions.” 

About Essential Energy

  • Do you want to cultivate love, trust and positivity in your life?
  • Are you suffering from anxiety, depression, headaches or a lack of motivation?
  • Are you seeking a more balanced and integrated relationship to your mind/body?
  • Do you have specific or recurring medical conditions you want to address holistically?

 What might you expect from a private session with Erika?

“Come, visit me in my warm, dimly lit room where we will create a safe space to release unnecessary tension and that which no longer serves you. Together, we will investigate the areas of your life that desire healing, and invite your innermost thoughts/feelings to teach us what it is you really need. It is this Inner Healer that will guide your Journey, and it is only with your explicit willingness and permission that this work will have its effect. I invite you to take the risk of growing, expanding, releasing and empowering yourself to peel open the next layer of your best Self.”

Essential Oils

"I use high-quality Essential Oils, and you can too!"

Essential oils can change your life if you’re ready to let them.  Whether you are looking to heighten your meditation rituals, approach long-standing health concerns from a non-medicated and plant-based perspective, detoxify your cleaning cabinet, and/or commit to a new (and higher) baseline for your general health, then essential oils are for you. 

doTERRA relies on the expert knowledge of native farmers in over 45 countries to source the world’s most pure and effective plant material. Their oils, contrary to most oils on the market, are verifiably pure and safe for aromatic, topical and internal use.

To view or purchase one of doTERRA’s most popular enrollment kits, use the links below (these are the top 3 most popular, but there are many more. Please inquire about a personalized and free wellness consultation for more information).

Sign up today to receive a yearlong wholesale membership, access to my team’s incredible essential oil education resources, and my personal mentorship to be sure you’re always getting the best oils for your specific needs, and at at the best price. 

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" I came to Erika having never experienced CranioSacral Therapy and was immediately at ease given her comforting demeanor and casual yet professional guidance through our session together. I don't believe anyone is suited to become a practitioner (...), but it is clear that Erika has a gift for this highly sensitive practice. "
Scott Dalke
West Hollywood, CA
" I was unsure of what to expect from my first CST session, but Erika's warm and calming presence put me at ease. My session was relaxing and restorative, and I was able to release a lot of tension, much of which I didn't even know I was hanging onto before I laid on the table. Erika has a true gift for healing. "
Sarah M.
Astoria, NY


Let's Play with letting go...

Get in touch with me directly through Facebook or EssentialEnergyNYC@gmail.com with questions or to schedule a free consultation. 

"Today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live" -Dalai Lama